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How Scotland’s SMEs can ensure everything runs smoothly this Christmas

Category: Features — Gary Cain on December 12, 2013

For businesses across the country, the Christmas period is a double-edged sword; while there are often opportunities to increase sales and expand, there is an equal risk of (more…)

The key differences between invoice factoring and invoice discounting

Category: Features — Paul Morgan on August 11, 2013

For any company that needs to raise money, using outstanding customer invoices as collateral is a quick and convenient way of (more…)

Top five business types that can benefit from invoice financing

Category: Features — Gary Cain on August 9, 2013

Almost any kind of business can benefit from invoice financing, as any firm that raises invoices can potentially borrow against them. However, for some companies, invoice (more…)

Why has invoice financing risen in popularity?

Category: Features — Mark on August 8, 2013

Over the past few years invoice financing has become very popular. Every year since 2008, the amount borrowed in this way has grown by at least 9%. There are (more…)

Why Scottish businesses turn to factoring companies

Category: Features — Paul Morgan on August 4, 2013

There are several reasons why Scottish businesses turn to factoring companies. It pays for business owners to look into the experiences of their peers to see why it (more…)

How alternative sources of finance are benefiting the economy

Category: Features — Mark on August 1, 2013

Since the recession started in 2008, it has become very difficult for businesses to borrow money. Almost as soon as difficulty struck, banks and other traditional financial (more…)

The advantages of invoice financing over traditional loans

Category: Features — Gary Cain on July 28, 2013

Invoice financing is a great alternative to taking out traditional loans. There are several advantages to borrowing using invoices as collateral over going down the (more…)

A step-by-step guide to factoring

Category: Features — Mark on July 24, 2013

Factoring is a very easy way for a business to borrow money and while the process itself is simple, not all business owners are fully aware of how it works. With (more…)

How invoice financing can help struggling businesses

Category: Features — Paul Morgan on July 23, 2013

When a business is struggling, it can become extremely difficult to arrange finance. However, it isn’t impossible. Whilst it is true that most traditional financial (more…)

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