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    Crown Assist

    The recent lack of SME lending by the banks has been severely detrimental to small to medium sized businesses that genuinely represent successful going concerns, but are lacking in badly needed cash flow.

    Many SME business owners are often unsure where to turn for guidance and practical help when things go financially awry. Some look to invoice discounting and factoring as a potential solution, others to asset based lending or private injections of business finance. Their bid to remain afloat makes insolvency preferable to business failure in some cases.

    Do not bury your head in the sand if your SME business is struggling financially, or if you have identified potential cash flow issues around the corner. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. By seeking out timely expert advice, you can forearm yourself to protect your business.

    We work with governmentally approved third parties who offer well informed guidance relating to HMRC’s Time to Pay scheme.

    We furthermore provide restructuring of facilities support to help with payment arrears and pressure on creditors.

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