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Edinburgh Invoice Discounting

Utilising invoiced debtors as security is one means of raising finance when needed. This form of finance is known as invoice discounting. On a practical level, it could be regarded as being similar to invoice factoring, but with the difference being that the customer is unaware of any third party being involved. Most of the time, both forms of financing work the same way aside from this discretion. With discounting, the company that borrows maintains control over communicating with buyers and the collection of payments.

Scottish businesses turn to Edinburgh invoice discounting when wishing to encourage their customers to pay their invoices faster. They receive a discount on the purchase price, making payment without any delays in a specified number of days. Businesses charge interest, however, as well as the cost of goods and services, for accounts that are long past due.

The purpose of discounting is to reduce accounts receivable, which restricts the business’s need to secure cash-flow from business finance loans or debt insurance, in addition to any associated interest. A further reason business’s use invoice discounting is to offer an incentive to customers or clients to pay their invoice, which reduces the uncollectible element.

Large companies with an excess of resources are making use of Edinburgh invoice discounting in reverse. Invoice discounting extends credit to suppliers that may find it difficult to acquire from other financing at an affordable interest rate. Applying this kind of set-up, the buying firm expects discounted purchases due to paying suppliers without any delay.

Edinburgh invoice discounting offers a number of various benefits to both the customer and the business. A business proprietor will know when the client has paid for any products and services. It does away with long term loans due to the fact that it is paid back every time an invoice is settled by the client. As a business grows, so does the facility, so there won’t be any need to constantly increase its overdraft. It will possess the working capital it needs to respond quickly to any opportunities in the market that come its way. Further, invoice discounting is priced more competitively in comparison to conventional loans and overdrafts.

Overall, Edinburgh invoice discounting is a fantastic solution, not just for the customer, but for the business as well. It also gives the customer the opportunity to pay less for products and services, and often helps the business to secure loyal clients.

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