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Invoice Discounting in Glasgow

Employing a facility from a company providing invoice discounting in Glasgow is an ideal solution for a large company, as well as a medium-sized business looking to expand. Businesses can quickly access cash that would be tied-up otherwise. This is the reason for invoice factoring being regarded as a serious option by many companies.

Rather than waiting for 30, 60, or even 90 days for a payment to be received, invoice discounting provides Glasgow businesses with a chance to make significant decisions, which can progress without being paralysed by lack of cash flow.

So with the breathing room necessary to concentrate on expansion plans, as well as to respond to marketplace opportunities, companies can progress rapidly. It may be that they wish to launch a new product, finance an acquisition or merger or simply increase their buying power. Either way, there are some definite benefits to being able to access invoice discounting in Glasgow.

By using the expert knowledge that is available in the market, companies can take the invoice discount opportunities that fit perfectly with the finance system they already have implemented. They maintain control of the invoicing and sales ledger, which enables business agreements to remain strictly confidential and client or customer relationships to remain unaffected.

When customers receive an invoice from their clients, a copy is also sent to the invoice discounting company for payment. Once received, the company typically releases 80 per cent of the full invoice amount. This is usually received by the business within 24 hours. When the invoice has been paid in full, it receives the balance from the company providing invoice discounting in Glasgow, minus fees.

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