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Scots Entertainment Company debuts on Facebook

Category: Scotland Success Stories — Paul Morgan on December 22, 2011

A Dundee-based mobile video gaming company, only set up in February of this year, has launched its first two titles.

Developed for Facebook, the two games from Outplay Entertainment, Booty Quest and Word Trick, both hope to benefit from the increasing popularity of games on the social networking platform.

It marks a significant first step for the company created as a direct response to the collapse of the respected Realtime Worlds firm.

A BAFTA award winning studio and with huge titles behind it, the collapse was a huge blow to the local economy. In August 2010, when it went into administration, there were over 150 redundancies. Many of these people were picked up by the new company though.

Though there were many associated reasons for Realtime’s decline, the cancellation of a tax break was the final nail in the coffin. In such a vibrant market place though, it is likely that working with a Scottish Factoring company could have helped.

The opportunity that invoice factoring could have presented seems to have been underlined by Outplay’s performance.

Despite less than a year in operation the company, originally set up by US-based Scottish brothers Douglas and Richard Hare, has made significant advances.

For example, the team has bolstered their non-executive ranks with the appointment of former AOL Europe President, Haren Thomsen and former LucasArts Executive, Randy Breen.

Speaking at the launch of the challenging games, Douglas Hare said the appointments would provide a

“…wealth of experience and expertise (which) will be invaluable to Outplay’s ambitious growth plans…”

Dundee and Scotland’s digital economy certainly hope so.

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