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    Second Christmas on the dole for record number of Scots

    Category: Scotland Finance News — Mark on January 2, 2012

    New research from the TUC has shown that more than 26,000 people living in Scotland will be spending at least their second consecutive Christmas on the dole.

    The research also showed that the level of unemployed in Scotland is rising at a faster rate than anywhere else in the country.

    Marking the results as a “crisis”, the STUC has urged the government to step in to address the problems.

    However, Scottish companies can also help the situation directly by only resorting to staff lay-offs as a last resort, rather than using it as the first step in their restructuring strategies.

    Many Scottish companies have found that by applying different techniques to financing their business continuity, redundancies have been able to be kept to a minimum; at times staving off cut backs completely.

    Moreover, for those companies still performing well, there has been a greater level of opportunities to take advantage of as competitors, throughout the UK as well as in Scotland, have fallen by the wayside.

    One such innovation has been to consider invoice factoring. Giving companies immediate access to their guaranteed income, wages have been able to be met and investment made to underpin market share.

    Such schemes also help advance the networking potential of companies; putting them in touch with opportunities to work with other companies in their area that they may otherwise not have been aware of.

    Though the rate of recovery here in Scotland still lacks much of the rest of the UK, companies that are able to maintain their presence now, will be in a far better position for when the economy does get back into gear.

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