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Shipwreck could spark growth in Scottish tourism for 2013

Category: Scottish Economy — Mark on January 20, 2013

A shipwreck off the coast of Fraserburgh could soon become Scotland’s next big tourist attraction, after it appeared on the poster of a hit film.

The Sovereign, a fishing vessel registered in Banff, Aberdeenshire, ran aground on the Cairnbulg Rocks in 2005. All five crew members were airlifted to safety.

There are few people interested in the sea and whipped wreck but that could all be about to change. Following close inspection of the poster for Life of Pi, many feel there could soon be a rush on.

A local photo expert, James Smith, is certainly in no doubt that an existing photo of The Sovereign has been used. The local business owner said:

“Obviously, they [the studio] have done a fair bit of post-edit work, but you can clearly compare both vessels.”

Visiting film shoot locations is a popular pastime for many and, whilst The Sovereign does not actually appear in the film, its appearance on the poster could still generate interest in and around Cairnbulg Harbour.

Brian Topping of the local council said:

“Anything that attracts people to the area is positive.”

Many firms in the tourist sector could well boost their profits as a result. Many local companies, some of which could be introducing invoice factoring into their strategy for 2013, will certainly be hoping so. The attraction could also bring in a new trade in tourist trips to the site.

Life of Pi is a much lauded interpretation of Yann Martel’s acclaimed fantastical story about a young Indian boy’s troubled and traumatic journey to America – with a tiger.

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